This is Love! by Zadig & Voltaire, a story of love at first sight, a couple of lovers who adore one another and find themselves in ”a Paris” that they know by heart. They are artists of the present. A Love story that sounds like a challenge. A touch, then another kiss in between doors. Freedom is shared heat and skin is a blank canvas on which they draw with the tip of their fingers, a lightining bolt to the heart. The fragrance of burning love, indelible, and undisciplined.



A floral and gourmand perfume, for those who always abandon themselves to love at first sight, imagined by Sidonie Lancesseur. A thrill of Ginger slides on the skin, creating a tender fever with notes of Violet and Vanilla. The warm and voluptuous Sandalwood embraces the body. A fragrance that seduces both those who wear it and those who breathe it in.



A woody aromatic perfume, created by Nathalie Lorson for him. A tightrope that vibrates between the warmth of a kiss and the chill of loving breath. First, a zest of Bergamot that melts on the skin. The Orange Blossom exalts his sexuality and let’s his heart be locked into a cloud of Sandalwood. A sensual and addictive fragrance, hotly masculine.

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