Nuit d’Issey Polaris

High in the heavens, Polaris sparkles. For thousands of years this pole star, one of the brightest in the galaxy, has indicated the celestial north pole. A priceless landmark in the sky chart, this mythical star shimmers at the heart of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. Polaris has changed over time, but it has always had the same unchanging role: guiding, lighting the way of travellers and sailors in the dark of the night.

Moving forward, following your lucky star, (re)discovering your path, finding your way.

Like the darkest of nights, the bottle and packaging are black: a deep, powerful, matte black embellished with a shining stylized star. In metal letters, its bright silver rays shine through the night.


Immerse yourself in the mysteries of nature. Pass through the veil of the night. See the light. Imagine the scent of a star.


The top notes are a flash of light, bubbling with the sparkling effervescence of bergamot. A duo of black peppers add spice, while a hint of cypress essence lends an aromatic accent. The already intense middle notes develop a powerful oud accord, enriched by cedar and patchouli. Captivating and dense, the base notes assert themselves with a leather note (a Nuit d’Issey signature) warmed by the sweet opulence of vanilla. A spicy, woody scent with rich, leathery accents.



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