Dare. Provoke. Inspire. Engage.


Say everything. Or nothing at all. Shout from the rooftops what other people just dare to whisper. Express your innermost self. Your most spontaneous and most radiant femininity. Fly the flag for positivity. Girls Can Say Anything is a fragrance that encourages freedom of speech and emancipation, through a smile. The fragrance plays around with convention and interweaves traditionally masculine and feminine styles, blurring boundaries. Its trail is a huge self-confidence boost, reversing the established order with quick wit, and making light heartedness a style trait.

Modern. Magnetizing. Masterful. A fragrance with real personality! Once again, Quentin Bisch plays a daring hand, presenting a new Fougere with Floral tones and tender Almond accents. It’s a mover and shaker with no mincing of words: Free and Multi-faceted, Floral and Woody, radiant with softness. This cult neo-Fougere by #GIRLSCAN reflects that same signature: a minimalist Lavender opening yields to Geranium facets, Oakmoss and Tonka bean. Floral, intense, smooth. An aldehyde breeze then brings shimmers of Rose oxide.

A Zadig woman does whatever she likes, the Voltaire woman proclaims whatever is on her mind. Without restraint. Without censorship. Without inhibition.

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