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At Floral Street, our products are vegan and sustainable. Consciously sourced and lovingly made. Powered by flowers and inspired by London, we match fragrances with our moods so however you’re feeling, trust us, we’ve got a wardrobe of scents for you. And with all of our award-winning Eau de Parfums containing a 20% oil concentration, they’re super long-lasting. It’s all here for you to discover. So, who will you be today?

From inception FLORAL STREET has been an eco-conscious fragrance company, leading the way in sustainable scent. Being ‘responsible’ is at our heart and our Founder has created a ‘beacon for change’, applying the 5 R’s – Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle – to every aspect of our business. We are ‘clean’ on the inside and ‘clean’ on the outside and think about the whole sustainable cycle of our products. So from ‘source to scent’ you know where we come from and what positive actions we are taking to help protect our planet.

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