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Ellis Brooklyn is based on Clean Ingredients, Sustainable Sourcing and Unforgettable Scents creating luxurious natural fine fragrances, bodycare and home fragrance lines that marry the best artisanal, small-batch formulas with the finest French fragrances. Ellis Brooklyn fragrances are inspired by literature, non-fiction, articles, song writing, poetry and verse.

Our Ethos

A Note on What Clean Fragrance Means to Us

We decided at the brand’s very beginning that we would assess each ingredient for its safety, beauty and impact on its environment. That means excluding the major toxins many of us know about today, but also the questionable ingredients that are often widely used in the industry. The truth is there are a whole host of ingredients out there that are used by beauty companies for a quick fix but are damaging in the long run. We can think of silicones as a classic example. So many beauty products use silicones as a main ingredient because they are an easy and cheap way to impart a silky, smooth feel, but the truth is they suffocate skin and hair cells and can clog up pores with regular use.

In perfumery, phthalates are a big culprit. Not only are they hormone disruptors but they were widely abused in perfumery to extend the longevity of fragrances by binding the scent molecules together like a plastic glue. While you’ll still find phthalates in some perfumes today, the fragrance world has been moving slowly away from using phthalates, thanks to the European Union who have banned them in perfumery. But there are new ingredients to watch out for all the time.


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