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Prosperity Payroll Administration

PPS will, on acquiring a new client, review the payroll services of that client and tailor a payroll administration system specifically for their needs. PPS takes on the responsibility of running and managing the payroll system. Monthly reports are provided by PPS to both the employees and the company, in advance of the salary payment, in order that any queries may be attended to, prior to payment date.

One of our primary concerns in administrating a payroll system, and which is provided as part of the service by PPS, is tailoring a structured salary for each individual employee. Our consultants meet individually with the clients’ employees to discuss the various structures that are available to an employee and putting in place one which is tailored for that employee’s needs and which maximises his or her benefits. PPS is committed to this process as we believe that it promotes a higher degree of satisfaction amongst employees, and creates a healthier professional relationship between the client and its employees.

The service is an ongoing one in that salary structures are continuously revised as and when necessary to absorb changes in legislation and the market place. Our clients have come to rely on this additional service as it is conducive to the healthy professional relationship.

The system for payroll administration put in place by PPS is done on our server, and we provide our clients access on our system which is web-enabled. This means that the client and its employees have on-line access to the payroll in order to take advantage of a host of benefits such as:
· Viewing management reports
· Leave management
· On-line payslip and report previews
· Staff loan management
· Savings facilities
· Updating of non-financial and personal details
· Overtime management
Great care has been taken to provide a secure environment to ensure employee confidentiality.

Prosperity Payroll Services

PPS are specialists in company payrolls and remuneration packaging. Our consultants are fully appraised with current tax and labour legislation. The following highlights some of the major features of our outsourced Solution:
· We are fully automated, with checks and balances to prevent obvious errors
· Our System supports Cost Centre, Sub Cost Centre and Pay Point groupings
· We provide for weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay intervals
· Reference numbers for all government deductions / contributions maintained
· Integrated to Personnel Administration module
· Electronic Transfers for direct payments of net pay and third party payments
· Multi-level Password control
· Client User access – access can be by screen and function for each user(i.e. no access, read only, update access)
· Loan, Tax and Car Allowance Calculators
· Employee Leave & Loan Management
· Comprehensive reporting with user definable fields
· Client access to online payslip and report previews
· Third Party fund management
· Electronic IRP5s and IT3(a)s
· Comprehensive Audit Trail
· All government payroll related levies and deductions are predefined according to Government legislative and are automated.